Torrid Teasers 53

Published by Torrid Books
ISBN: 978-1-60313-296-1
Cover Art: Jinger Heaston

Christmas Dreams

Morgan and Davis have been best friends since they were children and even Davis' move to Maine didn't affect their deep friendship. When Morgan's relationship with her fiancee falls apart, at Davis' urging, she moves to Maine to make a fresh start. She soon realizes that her feelings for Davis run much deeper than friendship.

The Fix-It Man

When Madison meets the new maintenance man, she uncharacteristically tries to seduce him. When her efforts backfire, she thinks she doesn"t stand a chance until he comes knocking on her door.

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Excerpt From Christmas Dreams

Morgan's eyes popped open. She patted the spot next to her. It was empty. She knew it would be, but a part of her had hoped it wouldn't be. It was only a dream. Davis? Why had she dreamed such an erotic dream about her best friend? It unsettled her. She climbed off the bed, grabbed a robe, pushed her feet into a pair of slippers, and padded to the kitchen. She fixed a cup of tea then brought it back into the living room and settled into her easy chair. Her hands shook as she set her cup of tea on the table next to her chair. The dream stayed fresh in her mind; it had seemed so real. Why had she dreamed about Davis? Her face reddened at the memory. She sucked in her breath unable to get his hauntingly gorgeous naked image out of her mind.

Excerpt From The Fix-It Man

"I'd love a cup, but aren't you forgetting about your bath?"

She laughed. "I can take it later. Let me throw some clothes on." She ran into her bedroom and hurriedly threw on a pair of jeans and a pullover then returned to the kitchen. Nathan was leaning against the counter. "Have a seat," she said as she prepared the coffee. She tried to focus on what she was doing instead of his rippling biceps. She wanted him and she would seduce him if she had to, even if she wasn't primed in the art of seduction. She wondered what Lucy would do in this situation. Of course, Lucy would let him know in no uncertain terms that she wanted him. What about afterwards? Could she just walk away without any expectations like Lucy did, or would she want something more? No, she'd listened to Lucy talk about not making it personal. That's what she would do. She'd fuck him and then they would go their separate ways with no obligation to one another.