Deadly Tales



ISBN: 978-1-105-85541-2
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These five stories take you on a journey to the dark side of human nature and delve into the world of the unexplained.


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The Ducks

A cruel friendless man pays the ultimate price when his wife turns the tables on him.

He watched Sally's webbed feet as she waddled towards him, squawking as her eyes beheld the customary feast in his hands. He laughed as she drew closer. "Look what I have for you, Sally."

She grabbed the bread from his hand. The other ducks stood behind her until she'd had her fill, then watched as she stepped aside. They hungrily devoured the remains of the bread she'd left for them.

For the past six months Joe had pondered this strange behavior, but could come up with no logical explanation. It didn't make sense. He pored over books in the library and traveled to several duck ponds, but none of those ducks acted like Sally did. She was the ultimate leader. Joe watched carefully as her followers finished eating, then looked at her. They didn't move. They never did until she gave the signal--a slight nod of her head. Sally eyed him cautiously, then tilted her head, and led the group back to the other side of the pond.


The Stranger

A little girl mysteriously arrives in town with a chilling message for the residents.

The girl looked into her eyes, then flashed her a toothy smile. "I'll have a milkshake, Jenny."

Jenny was caught off guard by the child's familiarity. "I don't believe I've ever met you before. How did you know my name?"

"You never met me, but you knew my daddy."

The waitress frowned. "Where is your father? What's his name?"

"He used to come here all the time when he was on the road driving his truck. He told me all about you and other people in this town. He said it was just about the friendliest place on earth." She smiled again.

Jenny was puzzled. "Is he in the restroom?"

"He's not with me, but he's in the most beautiful place," she replied softly.

"What's his name?" Jenny asked again.

"May I please have my milkshake?"


The Ticket

A woman who has lost everything is pushed to the brink when her rich, cold-hearted, greedy boss wins the lottery.

Aside from his obvious joy of making his employees' lives miserable, Harry Ranko had one other passion—playing the lottery. He was constantly waiting for the big one and had grandiose plans for his winnings, which he didn't hesitate to share with Rosie. The money he threw away weekly on the lottery would have supported Rosie and Bart for a month. Ranko was already a wealthy man and he made sure everyone he met knew it. He had no sympathy for those less fortunate-the more money he made, the more he wanted, and the less he wanted to part with.

Every Thursday Harry Ranko called Rosie into his office to check the numbers on his tickets. Why he trusted her with this task he'd never said and she'd never asked, but would dutifully enter his office after the others had left for the day. His small beady eyes widened with glee when he learned he had a winner no matter how small the payoff. It was his obsession.


I'm Waiting For You

A young woman fears she is losing her mind when a beautiful mysterious presence, unseen by others, begins to follow her.

"I'm worried about you, honey," he said again. "Hasn't it ever occurred to you how this woman you claim to see knows exactly where you'll be at any given moment and then shows up out of the blue? You're the only one who can see her."

"I know," she answered, her voice softening. "I wish you could see what I do. I'm not crazy, Will. Please believe me."

"I never said or thought you were, but I don't see anyone wandering down this highway. There hasn't been anyone walking on this road for the two hours we've been on it."

"Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me," she said, but deep inside she knew what she saw was very real. She wasn't dreaming or imagining this woman.


It's Me!

A woman stranded on a busy highway wonders why no stops to offer her assistance.

Why are all these people standing around my car? Maybe they are just curious as to why it's been abandoned on the side of the road. No, that doesn't make sense, but it's the only explanation I can think of right now.

I need to push my way through this crowd and get into my car and be on my way. I'm pushing, but no one is even acknowledging my presence. I'm speaking, but why aren't they responding? Why do they appear as though they are looking right past me? I'm waving my arms. "Hello! Please let me through!"