Twisted Lives

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When a series of murders hits too close to home, a detective's life is ripped apart forcing him to question everyone and everything he's ever believed in.

Detectives Daniel Trevors and his partner, Ben Wilson, are hot on the trail of a murderer who appears to kill just for the fun of it, but they soon realize that the case is more complicated than they thought.

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Lightning streaked through the late afternoon sky, followed by ear splitting cracks of thunder. Rain pelted the lifeless form lying on the sodden ground.

"Trevors, get over here!"

Daniel Trevors moved away from the crowd of curious onlookers that had gathered, at the same time wondering what it was about tragedies that brought people out. He motioned for two officers to relieve him, then rushed to his partner's side. "What's up, Ben? I thought you said the guy had a heart attack or something."

"Take a look at this." Ben pointed at the corpse lying face down.

Daniel squinted, then focused his eyes to where Ben was pointing. "Who in God's name would have done this?" he exclaimed, examining the puncture wounds in the man's jacket. "He must have been stabbed twenty times!" He looked at his partner. "You don't think this is connected with the other three, do you, Ben?"

Ben Wilson shrugged his shoulders, pondering the question. "I don't know what to think, Daniel. It looks like the poor guy was ambushed from behind." Lightning flashed. He looked up at the sky. "This storms getting worse." He looked back down at the victim. "Tell homicide to get their asses over here."

Daniel ran to the car and radioed homicide, then walked back over to his partner. "Do you think we have a serial killer on our hands, Ben?"

Ben thoughtfully scratched his head, then looked at Daniel. "What else can we think at this point?"

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