Deadly Tales

The Ducks
A cruel friendless man pays the ultimate price when his wife turns the tables on him.

The Ticket
A woman who has lost everything, is pushed to the brink when her rich, cold-hearted, greedy boss wins the lottery.

The Stranger
A little girl mysteriously arrives in town with a chilling message for the residents.

I'm Waiting For You
A young woman fears she is losing her mind when a beautiful mysterious presence, unseen by others, begins to follow her.

It's Me!
A woman stranded on a busy highway wonders why no stops to offer her assistance.

Twisted Lives

When a series of murders hits too close to home, a detective's life is ripped apart forcing him to question everyone and everything he's ever believed in.

Over The Edge

One woman's fight to right the wrongs done to her and bring down the man behind it.

The Stalker

Nothing or no one can stop him as he makes his way from Pittsburgh to Boston in search of the only woman who ever cared about him.

Silent Dreams

A detective finds more than she bargained for when she's handed a case involving a prostitution ring.

The Black Heart

After three members of a close-knit New England family end up dead within weeks of each other, the family begins to suspect that one of their own may be responsible.

My Tommy

They met during WWII. He gave her hope when she thought all was lost.

Nowhere To Run

A woman abducted by her ex-husband must use her wits to outsmart her captors in order to be reunited with her young daughter.

Blind Justice

A lawyer fed up with the system decides to mete out her own form of justice.

Murder In The Pinelands

A reporter is sent to The Pinelands to cover the story after a body is found. The locals are convinced it is the work of The Jersey Devil, but the reporter isn't so sure.


When a young man, controlled by a domineering mother, is released from a court ordered two-year stay in a psychiatric hospital, he becomes preoccupied with the woman he blames for putting him there in the first place.

Tell Me You Love Me

A woman, jealous over her friend's upcoming wedding, does everything in her power to destroy his happiness including eliminating the other woman.


Visions of upcoming tragedies have plagued him his entire life. Now he has a chance for happiness, but can he take that chance knowing that one day he might look into her beautiful face and see no future.

Hearts On Fire

She never expected to fall in love again, especially with the sexy gardener her "aunt" has a steamy past with.

Cabin Fever

Stranded in a blizzard with a handsome man who seems vaguely familiar to her although she's certain she's never met him before.

Hidden Desires

A woman is hired to spy on her co-workers to find out who is sabotaging the company, but her efforts lead her down a dangerous path and to a most unlikely suspect.

Christmas Dreams

A woman realizes that her feelings for her childhood friend runs deeper than she ever realized.

The Fix-It Man

When Madison meets the new maintenance man, she uncharacteristically tries to seduce him. When her efforts backfire, she thinks she doesn't stand a chance until he comes knocking on her door.

Weekend Swap

Tyler Thornton convinces her strait-laced best friend Kay Reagan to swap husbands to add some excitement to their sex lives, or in Kay's case, to show her what she's been missing. What Tyler doesn't know is the deep dark fantasy that Kay has been harboring for years.

Squeaky Squirrel

Squeaky Squirrel is a shy little squirrel with a squeaky voice. He fears most everything, especially change. He doubts he'll ever want to leave his family, but knows that the day will come when he'll be expected to leave his home to start his own family. When he meets Sally Squirrel he learns that what is most important is being liked for who you are on the inside.

The Adventures Of Angel

Angel's New Friends

The first story in The Adventures Of Angel introduces the new friends Angel, a curious bunny, meets when she goes exploring into the forbidden forest, ocean and farm in search of new friends.

Angel's Band

In the second story of The Adventures Of Angel, Angel and her friends decide to form a band using objects found around the farm for their instruments.

Angel And The Watchdog

In the third story of The Adventures Of Angel, Angel meets Farmer Zack's watchdog-in-training in a most unusual way.

Angel's Wish

Angel is saddened by the illness of one of her friends in the fourth story in the book The Adventures Of Angel.

Angel's Parade

Angel and her friends decide to have a parade for their families in the fifth story in The Adventures Of Angel.

A Secret For Angel

Angel is sad because her friends don't want to play with her. She is surprised when she finds out the real reason in the sixth story in The Adventures Of Angel.

Angel's Glasses

When Angel starts bumping into things her mother decides it's time to take a trip to the eye doctor. This is the seventh story in The Adventures Of Angel.

Angel's New Sister

In the eighth story in The Adventures Of Angel, Angel is upset when her mother tells her that soon a new baby sister will be arriving.