Broken Promises: A New Beginning

"BROKEN PROMISES has much to offer, some of it very painful to read. Ms. Droney's style and intensity have a bright glow of promise that will glow only brighter in future books." Recommended! ~Under the Covers Book Reviews

"A touching and profound look at spousal abuse and its aftermath. Truly remarkable and painful, this story goes straight to the heart. A must read. This is not an easy story to read, but it is one that everyone should read. With a deft hand, Susan K. Droney takes a distressing subject and turns it around into something quite positive. Once started, BROKEN PROMISES: A NEW BEGINNING is impossible to put down. A phenomenal tale by a truly outstanding author!" Romance Communications

"Ms. Droney writes of abuse and victimization with passion and a seeming understanding. While it contains romantic elements, BROKEN PROMISES is a mainstream story, a story of healing and hard-won wisdom." 4 Stars! ~ Affaire de Coeur, February 1999

"Susan K. Droney seems to have an insight into abuse and victimization. The heroine's progression from victim to victor is painful and long in coming, but she finally triumphs. "
Painted Rock Reviews

Cabin Fever

Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: H
Ms. Droney really packs a punch with this short, sizzling read. Kayla's a woman who knows her own heart and desires and she wants Lucas. The dialogue between them is easy and realistic and you'll definitely be able to understand why they're attracted to each other.
Reviewed by: Trang Black
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Cabin Fever writes of a woman stuck in a blizzard and ends up in a cabin by the man who caused her to get lost in the first place. When these two touch, sparks fairly explode across the pages. However, the fireworks come when Lucas and Kayla come together in passion that fairly combusts from the beginning. Ms. Droney creates a story that will have the reader panting in anticipation as well as passion. Wow is all this reviewer can say after reading this short story.
Reviewed by: Dawn
Love Romances

In Cabin Fever, Ms. Droney has penned a short erotic tale that promises to warm you up. The sex is detailed and hot, and the premise interesting.
Reviewed by: Char

Cabin Fever is a fun and carnal story of what happens when the power goes out and animal lust comes to the fore. Kayla and Lucas share some strong chemistry and really light up the pages when they interact together.
Reviewer: Sarah W.
Fallen Angel Reviews

Hearts On Fire

4 Angels
Hearts on Fire, is a heart warming and charming tale of four women who have loved, lost and found themselves in a place to love again. The romance between the couples is hot, steamy and incredibly heartfelt. I thought this was a fabulous story that showed the different aspects of relationships, in various stages of development and portrayed them in such a true to life manner that you couldn't help but love them all. Ms. Droney has a style of writing that's smooth, compelling, classy, and leaves the reader feeling satisfied.
Reviewed by: Tammy
Fallen Angel Reviews

Hearts on Fire is a richly detailed book. All the secondary characters get their moments of glory as well. There are multiple relationships and secondary storylines running throughout this book. All the storylines are skillfully intertwined, with plenty of emotion running through them all. Romantic and filled with emotion. Hearts on Fire is an ideal book for a cold autumn night, tucked up next to the fire.
Reviewer: Michelle Naumann
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Hearts on Fire is a passionate, well written novella. The conversations between two of the main characters, Brianna and Chandler, are thought provoking and inspiring. The close ties depicted by Brianna's family shows how most adversities can be dealt with providing they hold maturity, love and understanding within. All in all, Hearts on Fire, is a gorgeous tale that will warm you from head to toe and, most possibly, will drive you to distraction.
Carrie White
One Reviewer

Susan K. Droney is a fabulous writer with a lot of talent for bringing out her characters and painting their emotions with words. Her writing flows smoothly; the plot twists and turns without losing focus on what is really at stake for Brianna and her friends, as well as her aunt. This reviewer highly recommends this contemporary story. It has all the elements of great romance: sexual heat, love, as well as drama. Although classed as erotic, HEARTS ON FIRE is sex with not only plot, but class. The sexual scenes are well plotted and while they are HOT, they are also dramatic and thought provoking.
Reviewer: Angie
Love Romances

Accepting the faults of your close friends is easy-the hard part is coming to terms with your own. Hearts on Fire provides a very true to life picture of the interaction of many women. The situations that they find themselves in can happen. Mingled through these difficult life lessons is quite a charming romance. When the women finally learn to accept their lives as they are, not as they believe them to be, some very positive changes occur. Be prepared for some spicy sex scenes. Quite an enjoyable and insightful afternoon read.
Reviewer: Naomi

Hidden Desires

4 Enchantments
The twists and turns of the plot had this reviewer going, Why didn't I think of this one? A lot of the happenings in this story are planted so precisely and quietly that you never see it coming until it hits you in the face. Thumbs up to Ms. Droney on this aspect! Overall, a definite good read. There is something for everyone. Thrills, chills, romance, and relationships in all its diversity.
Reviewed by Zee
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Over The Edge

"Brant Evans has Cedar Pines under his very heavy policeman's thumb. His wife Janna controls the town's social and political levers with her money. The two of them work hard to ruin the lives of anyone they don't like, or anyone who crosses them. Maggie Allen is caught up in their web of hate. Brant has special plans for Maggie, plans that include arrest, imprisonment, and ruin." -Wanda Keesey, Reviewer

The Stalker

4 1/2 flames Rare Find

The Stalker is a crafty thriller that takes the reader into the mind of a mentally unstable madman and the effect his actions have on the people who are unfortunate enough to be in his life. The plot will draw you in and hold you; it will scare you and make you think who might be watching you as you wait and watch for Jeremy Talbot's next move. Nicely done.

Sandy McCann, Reviewer

It can surprise and shock you when reality is put into perspective. Reading about the thought processes of a man that doesn't quite fit in with modern society, really drives it home how much our safety can be at risk. Based on true fact or just fiction, The Stalker highlights a growing trend in stalking crimes. With skill and precision, Susan K. Droney takes us through the disturbing existence of Jeremy Talbot, stopping frequently on the way to fill us in with the lives of those who are unfortunate to associate with him. The Stalker is a gripping read. With every page delivering tension and intrigue, you can't go wrong.

Carrie White, Reviewer

Torrid Teasers 53

TORRID TEASERS 53: CHRISTMAS DREAMS & THE FIX-IT MAN consists of two short stories about unique couples who find love in the last place they expected. Susan K. Droney presents each story so that readers care about the characters and can easily empathize with their situations.

I genuinely enjoyed the good natured friendship by all the characters in this tale. Morgan and Davis's friendship is apparent right from the start and they seem to genuinely enjoy just being together. Because they've been such good friends for so long they've missed the connection and never made the leap from friends to lovers. CHRISTMAS DREAMS is a fun tale with emotional angst and plenty of Christmas spirit to give hope to hopeless romantics everywhere.

THE FIX-IT MAN What a fun tale! Madison's friends Gwen and Lucy really liven things up with their ongoing discussions about Lucy's sex life and their butting into Madison's lack of one. I loved how the friends interact amongst each other but especially enjoy how they support each other.
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

Twisted Lives

4 Stars

TWISTED LIVES has everything...the plot is good, the characters well developed, a nasty villain, and a love story that fits in with the plot. There is also an ending that will surprise the reader.
Reviewed by: Hattie Boyd - Scribes World Reviews

TWISTED LIVES provides an example of the tangled webs we weave...a gratifying tale of evil and its twisted effects.
Cindy Penn
Senior Editor/Web Wizard
Word Weaving: essential elements for all text weavers

Weekend Swap

Ever entertain the idea of being with your best friend's husband? What if you or your best friend falls in love with the other's husband? Two best friends explore this scenario over a weekend in a sexy romp that could destroy their lifelong friendship. This story presents the intriguing situation of what could possibly happen when close friends who want to liven things up. Weekend Swap is a story that lives up to its title, giving the reader a glimpse into the swinging lifestyle. If you are looking for a quick and satisfying sizzling read, Weekend Swap would fulfill your needs.
Reviewed by: Lotus
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