Broken Promises: A New Beginning

Farrel Drake wants a normal family life for herself and her two daughters from her first marriage. She meets and marries Robert, and their two families combine. Shortly after their marriage, verbal abuse, beatings, and broken promises become an almost everyday occurrence.


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Hours later Farrel lay in the king-sized bed she shared with her husband. She desperately wanted to fall into a deep sleep, then wake up and be assured her life was just a bad dream. The hell she was living couldn't be real because so much of her had died. Slowly over the years parts of her had passed away, victim of a long painful death. She had been so unaware of it until one day she didn't know herself anymore. The smile and forced happiness that she showed to the world were just masks covering the person she'd become.

Her mind screamed to turn back time, but she knew that it was too late. She could never bring back the happy, fun-loving person she had once been. The past four years had murdered that person and she knew she could not raise herself from the dead. She was mentally defeated.